Concrete Slab Cut Out Protection

Best Termite Treatment for a Cut-out in a Concrete Slab

Whenever a hole or cut-out is made in an existing concrete slab, especially for modifications such as repositioning plumbing, it becomes a potential entry point for termites.

Ensuring protection at this stage is essential not only for the integrity of your property but also to comply with regulations and achieve proper termite certification.

The Two-Visit - Four-Step Process

Ensuring a cut-out in a concrete slab is comprehensively protected from termites involves a multi-step approach.

FMC Homeguard Collars & Protectacote:

The Premier Termite Treatment for Concrete Slab Cut-outs

At Conquer Termites Gold Coast, we’re committed to using only the best products and methods to keep your home safe from termites. After extensive evaluation and hands-on experience, we’ve determined that the FMC Homeguard Collars & Protectacote system stands out as the premier termite treatment for cut-outs in concrete slabs.

Here’s why we trust and recommend FMC Homeguard for concrete slab cut-outs:

  • 50-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: FMC Homeguard’s enduring efficacy is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts half a century. This speaks volumes about the product’s durability and the confidence the manufacturer has in its performance.
  • Versatility in Application: Whether it’s a small penetration or a more extensive cut-out, FMC Homeguard can be applied seamlessly, ensuring every nook and cranny is protected against termite invasions.
  • Robust Protection: The system effectively seals the gaps and joins, making it virtually impossible for termites to penetrate through.
  • Reputation: FMC has a longstanding reputation in the industry for producing reliable and effective termite protection products. Their dedication to research and development means that when you choose FMC Homeguard, you’re choosing a product at the forefront of termite prevention technology.

1. Penetration Collars

First Visit: Before the fresh concrete is poured, our expert team will fit sheeting collars around all plumbing pipes, electrical conduits, and other service channels. These collars serve as a preliminary shield against termites.

2. Protectacoate Primer Application

Second Visit: After the concrete has set, our technicians return to address the ‘Cold Joins’ – the gaps existing between the old slab and the new concrete pour. The process starts with the application of a primer to ensure the Protectacote adheres firmly and effectively.

3. Fiberglass Strengthening Strips

To guarantee the integrity of the joint and prevent potential cracking, we overlay a 10 cm wide fibreglass strip. This strip bonds with the parging application, ensuring a fortified and lasting barrier.

4. Homeguard Protectacote Parging Application

The final layer is the FMC Protectacote parging application. This product is enriched with Bifenthrin, a potent termite repellent. Its efficacy is underscored by the manufacturer, FMC, who vouches for its durability with a 50-year lifespan!

It might take several applications to get the 8 mm thickness.

Pricing for Termite Protection of a Concrete Slab Cut-out

In the Gold Coast region, our pricing structure for safeguarding a standard cut-out in your concrete slab against termites starts at $495. This cost encapsulates:

  • Two scheduled visits to your property.
  • Provision of requisite documentation, notably Form 43 and the Certificate of Installation.

For larger cut-outs or those with more than three penetrations, additional costs may be incurred due to the extra work and materials required.

Cancellation Policy: We understand that sometimes plans change. However, please note that if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, a fee of $250 will be levied to cover our pre-arranged commitments and preparations.

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