Gold Coast Termite & Pest Inspection Experts

Gold Coast Termite & Pest Inspection Experts

Finding termites (white ants) in your home or garden is scary and unsettling. But for some homeowners, finding a reputable Pest Company to sort out the problem can be just as daunting.

All you want to know is, ‘Can I trust them, and will they give me the right advice’?

You can trust Conquer Termites for your termite inspection and treatment needs. Our team of fully licensed technicians are experts in the field, with exceptional skills and extensive experience to deliver reliable termite detection and effective treatment solutions.

Choose Conquer Termites for ‘peace of mind’ and the best pest service on the Gold Coast!

Termite Inspection Video

Australia’s most watched inspection video!

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Pre-purchase Termite Inspection – Timber Pest Inspection

Buying a Home? Watch Out for Those Termites!

When you’re splashing out on a new home, the last thing you want is a dud or a termite party house. That’s why getting an Expert to do a Timber Pest Inspection is key. These aren’t your average quick checks; they follow the Aussie Standard 4349.3.2010 and look at:

  • Termite infestation, Fungal decay (wet rot) and Borer infestation.

This isn’t just a peek-around. It’s a deep dive into the timber’s health in your potential home, pointing out any creepy crawlies or issues that could mess with the building’s strength.


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Termite Inspection Cost - Gold Coast

How much does a Termite (White Ant) inspection cost?

Suspect you’ve discovered termites? Now you’re wondering, how bad is the damage and how deep will I need to dig into my pockets?

‘What is the price’ is an obvious question. You know very little about termites and probably have never engaged a pest control company specialising in treating termites.

On the Gold Coast, for an average-sized house a termite inspection costs between $280 and $330.

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Conquer Termites Digital Report & Treatment Proposal

Conquer Termites offers easy-to-understand inspection reports. We make sure you get all the details about termite issues and our recommended treatments.

Digital Inspection Reports in Australia

We were the first in Australia to use digital termite reports with photos, making our observations clearer and more detailed. Conquer will always look to the future to enhance better communication.

Beyond Australian Standards 3660.2

We do more than just meet the AS 3660.2 Standards for termite inspections. Our detailed 22-page digital reports with photos give you a complete view of your property and garden inspections, going beyond the basics.

Detailed Treatment Plans

If you need it, we provide a comprehensive Termite Treatment Proposal alongside our report. It lays out a clear, priced plan for termite treatment, so you know exactly what to expect.

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Termite Detection Devices

To deliver the best termite inspection on the Gold Coast, it is essential to have and use advanced detection tools such as a thermal camera, a Termatrac motion detection device, and a moisture meter.

When the individual operating these devices is truly proficient in their use and understands the specifics of what to search for, you can expect to receive a comprehensive analysis of your home’s termite condition.

Make sure to verify when booking a company on the Gold Coast; not all of them may have or utilize these devices!

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How often should a Termite Inspection be done?

Make sure to get your home checked for termites at least once a year, following the Australian Standards 3660.2.

Consider more often If your house is older, built a certain way, or close to woods, you might need more frequent inspections.

Current chemical treatment? Without a chemical barrier around your home, termites can sneak in easily. Regular inspections are key for early detection and prevention, just like regular dental check-ups, especially if you don’t have any termite treatment.

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Five points to consider when choosing a Gold Coast Termite Company

To help you, we would like to give you a checklist of questions you should ask when calling Pest Control companies on the Gold Coast.

  1. Is the company genuinely local to the Gold Coast? (Avoid call centres from Sydney or Melbourne).
  2. What’s their business tenure and team size?
  3. How do their Google Reviews fare?
  4. Do they hold a Queensland Health Timber Pest license?
  5. Are they licensed under the QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission)?

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Consumer Warning about Termite Inspections on the Gold Coast

Watch Out for Fake Companies

Beware of pest control websites that look local but actually run their call center from another city and lack the right Queensland licenses. Remember, every legit company in Queensland needs a QBCC license to operate. No license? That means no insurance and they shouldn’t be offering termite inspections or treatments.

Be Wary of Free Checks

Watch out for companies offering a free “termite check” and then pushing some expensive and sketchy baiting system. These guys usually aren’t licensed or qualified, and you might even be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging it’s just a check, not a proper inspection to Australian Standards.

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