Termite Treatment cost on the Gold Coast

How much does a Termite Treatment Cost - Gold Coast?

Stumbled upon termites around your home? Wondering which treatment will best shield your haven? The expense of termite treatments can vary based on your home’s size, the type of treatment chosen, and the severity of the termite infestation.

Termite Treatment Costs

  1. Chemical treatments (barriers) are a favoured choice for Homeowners on the Gold Coast. A standard chemical termite treatment using Termidor HE is usually between $3000 to $4000. Variables such as the home’s external perimeter (average is 65 lineal meters) and chemical type can influence the cost.

    See our Recommended Chemicals page for a deeper understanding.

  2. Baiting Systems can be a suitable alternative to a chemical option. Depending on property dimensions and the number of bait stations, costs can range from $1500 to $3000, with an added annual fee for monitoring. See our page about BASF Trelona Baiting System.

  3. Physical Barriers act as deterrents, halting termite entry. These systems, are often integrated during construction. It’s very much a quote-and-do proposition.

Combined treatments: Sometimes, we will recommend combining a chemical treatment with a baiting system for ultimate protection.

Must Do's Before a Termite Treatment

  1. A mandatory Termite Inspection is essential, not only to meet the Australian Standards but also to adhere to insurance policies. If this isn’t part of the plan, be wary. Typically, a termite inspection falls within the $300 range. This covers a comprehensive inspection of your property to ascertain the infestation’s reach and the termite species involved.
  2. A Treatment Proposal should be provided, outlining costs, strategy, and any constraints.

How long does a Termite Treatment Last?

It’s an excellent question to ask and crucial for comparing different quotes accurately. Modern termiticides aren’t everlasting and need to be refreshed based on the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan.

As an Accredited Installer, Conquer Termites endorses Termidor HE, which offers an eight-year protection span under typical Gold Coast conditions.

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How to Select the Right Termite Treatment Company

Choosing the right termite treatment is paramount to safeguard your home from potential termite damage. However, it’s equally essential to select a trustworthy company to execute the treatment.

It’s crucial to compare options comprehensively when deciding on a termite treatment company. Regrettably, there are significant variations in the industry when it comes to quality, expertise, methods, and integrity.

Here’s a checklist to guide you in your selection:

  1. Licensing: Do they have the required license to administer a chemical treatment in Queensland?
  2. Insurance: Have they secured the appropriate insurance coverage?
  3. Accreditation: Are they endorsed by the manufacturer of the chemical they propose to use?
  4. Treatment Options: Can they recommend both chemical treatments and baiting systems to give you the right option?
  5. Paver Management: Will they lift and reset pavers if necessary? Lazy companies just drill.
  6. Aesthetic Concerns: Do they ensure the mortar’s colour matches the patched drill holes, or do they use cheap plastic plugs?
  7. Safety Measures: Are they equipped with a spill kit and the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
  8. Damage Control: If they accidentally damage a water pipe, will they take responsibility for the repair?
  9. Treatment Warranty: What kind of treatment guarantee do they offer?

Arming yourself with these questions will help you choose a company that not only offers effective termite treatments but also provides a service that’s thorough, responsible, and professional.

How a termite treatment should be done

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Consumer Alerts about Termite Companies on the Gold Coast

Beware of Unlicensed Companies Many firms portray a local facade online, only to redirect to out-of-town call centres and lack the requisite Queensland licenses and credentials. All Queensland-based operations require a QBCC license for termite treatments. Absence of this license signifies a subcontractor role. Lack of QBCC licensing also means no insurance, casting doubt over their termite treatment claims.

Deceptive Free Check Offers Some companies entice with “free termite checks” only to hastily propose an overpriced, subpar baiting system priced at $7,000! These operators typically lack proper licensing. Often, a waiver must be signed, clarifying the service as a ‘check’ rather than a full-fledged inspection meeting Australian Standards.

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