Termites love Trees and Stumps

Don't Panic - It's a Natural Occurrence

Finding termites in trees or stumps is a common and natural occurrence on the Gold Coast. While it may be concerning, it’s important to understand this is a typical part of the ecosystem.

However, appropriate measures should be taken to manage and control termite infestations in these areas to prevent potential damage to other structures.

Why Termites Choose Trees and Stumps

Termites naturally gravitate towards trees and stumps, a relationship that has been ongoing for millions of years. Trees, especially eucalyptus (gum trees) common in Australia, offer an ideal habitat for termites.

They prefer the heartwood at the centre of the trunk, avoiding the sapwood and growth rings. To termites, trees are akin to towering restaurants, providing both nourishment and shelter.

As for tree stumps, they become increasingly attractive to termites as they age. The aging wood becomes more susceptible and appealing to these pests. Aged stumps offer termites a substantial food source and a secure nesting site, making them prime targets for termite colonization.

Termite Treatment for Trees and Stumps on the Gold Coast

Treating Termites in Tree Trunks: If termites infest a tree, our skilled Technicians will drill into the trunk to locate hollow areas potentially housing termites. Using a borescope for visual confirmation, once termites are detected, we inject a safe, non-repellent transfer chemical (Termidor) directly into the tree. This treatment not only eradicates termites but also benefits the tree’s health by halting internal damage. We ensure to seal all drill holes with plugs or sealant for a neat finish.

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Handling Termite-Infested Tree Stumps: The ideal approach is to prevent termite infestation in tree stumps by removing them entirely. If you’ve recently had a tree cut down, we recommend having the stump ground out promptly. For stumps already hosting termites or nests, our Technicians can treat them using Termidor before stump removal. This ensures complete termite eradication from your property.

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