Specialised Pest Control Treatments

Rodent Baiting

If you’re hearing scratching sounds in your roof or walls, or if you’ve spotted a rat scurrying along your fence, it’s possible you have a rodent issue.

Rodents, such as rats and mice, have lived alongside humans throughout history. They often seek shelter in our homes and can be quite destructive, not only damaging structures and food supplies but also posing health risks. They are known carriers of diseases and fleas. It’s important to address any rodent problem in your home promptly to protect your health and property.

Flea Treatments

Ever stepped outside and felt a sharp sting, then noticed tiny critters hopping on your legs? Or walked into a room that’s been closed for a while and found yourself in a flea circus?

Flea Treatment

No worries, our team’s got you covered! We use a safe, non-toxic spray with this special thing called IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). It messes up the flea babies’ growth, and zaps most adults on contact.

Don’t forget, it’s super important to spray outside too – that’s where your furry friends might pick up fleas from those wild neighborhood cats.

Heads up: Flea eggs are tough little nuggets, immune to chemicals, and they only hatch when they feel the vibes – like when you walk by. So, if you’ve got a real flea party going on, we usually suggest hitting them with two rounds of treatment to really get the job done.

Lawn Grubs

Got lawn grubs munching on your grass? In South East Queensland, these pesky critters are a usual headache from November to May, especially for couch lawns (though ‘Sir Walter’ lawns tend to fare better).

The good news? They’re pretty easy to treat if you catch them early. Prevention and early detection are key. Also, keep an eye out during heavy rain periods, as that’s when lawn grub issues usually ramp up.

How to Treat Lawn Grubs

Weevils - Unwanted guest in your pantry

You might unknowingly bring weevils into your home with grocery items. They’re known for their ability to chew through cardboard and plastic to get to their favourite foods.

Weevils are a type of beetle belonging to the Curculionidae family, which has more species than any other beetle group. With over 1,000 species, weevils vary in shape and size. They’re often unnoticed until you spot one in your pantry. These critters typically feed on pantry staples like flour, cereals, rice, nuts, beans, and dried fruit.

Flour weevils are a common type found in homes, especially where flour and rice products are abundant. Sometimes, they might even appear in places with minimal flour storage.

For more detailed information, check our main website: Weevils - How to treat

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