Found Termites - How to Identify and What to do

Remove Termites - Three Step Process

If you’re fairly certain you’ve got termites, it’s time to take action to eliminate them and safeguard your home.

Don’t disturb the Termites - Avoid scaring them off before we can fully assess the situation. Put down that spray can!

  1. Full Termite Inspection
  2. Initial Treatment
  3. Chemical Treatment around the house

For further details, visit our page: “Remove Termites - Three Step Process”.

What do Termites look like?

Ran into a little critter and can’t tell if it’s just a pesky black ant or a home-chomping termite?

No worries, we’ve got you covered. Swing by our easy-to-follow “What Do Termites Look Like” page for some handy tips.

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What are the Signs of Termites?

How do you know if you have Termites?

Have you just put a finger through a door frame or turned over a piece of timber in the garden and think you have found Termites?

What are the Five Signs You Might Have Termites?

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What is the Difference between Termites and White Ants?

What is the Difference between Termites and White Ants - NOTHING!

Aussie Talk: White Ants or Termites?

In true Aussie style, we saw these critters that looked a bit like ants and called them “White Ants.” Makes sense, right?

White Ants = Termites?

But here’s the fun fact: what we casually call “White Ants” are actually termites. They’re not even close to being real ants, despite looking similar with their six legs and antennae. They live in groups, sure, but that’s about all they share. When it comes to body shape and how they behave, they’re totally different beasts!

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Termites in Trees - What should you do?

Don’t Panic - Termites Are Normal Here

Spotting termites in trees or old stumps? That’s pretty standard on the Gold Coast. It might seem worrying, but it’s all part of nature’s flow.

Still, it’s smart to manage these critters to keep your home safe.

Why Termites Dig Trees and Stumps:

Termites have been munching on trees for ages, especially our Aussie eucalypts. They love the tree’s heartwood – it’s like their own skyscraper buffet. They get all the food and home they need. But at some stage, they will forage to your home.

Click here more information about how to check and treat trees & stumps for termites

Where do Termites come from?

Termites: A Sudden Home Invasion

Recently, your bathroom door was in perfect condition, with no signs of damage. However, now you find the timber deteriorating, crumbling, and flaking.

In areas like the Gold Coast, termites are always on the hunt for cellulose materials to consume and bring back to their colony. Without proper protection, your home can quickly become a target for these voracious pests.

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