Three Step Process to Remove Termites

What is the Best Way to Remove Termites?

If you think you have termites, it’s important to act quickly to get rid of them and protect your house.

Don’t Disturb the Termites - Don’t scare them away before we can check everything out. So, hold off on using that spray!

  1. Full Termite Inspection
  2. Initial Treatment
  3. Chemical Treatment around the house

Step One: Getting a Termite Inspection Done

Time to call in the pros! To truly grasp the scope of the termite problem and figure out the best ways to tackle it, a thorough inspection is a must.

Our technicians come prepared with thermal cameras, moisture meters, and a range of other high-tech tools for detection.

Take a look at our inspection page and video to see how we go about examining your home for termites.

Step Two: Initial Treatment

After pinpointing the spots in your house and garden infested with live termites, we’ll present you with treatment options.

Our top recommendation? Quickly apply Termidor Foam to the active termite areas to stop them in their tracks.

Step Three: Chemical Treatment

This step is crucial to ensure your home is safeguarded against termite invasions.

Based on your home’s construction and environmental aspects, we’ll suggest the most effective termite management system. Keep in mind, termites made their way in because there wasn’t anything to block them before!

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