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Have you recently stumbled upon an area on your property that has raised suspicions of live termite activity? Questions may be swirling in your mind: “How extensive is the termite infestation?” “What’s going on in those hidden spaces, like inside the walls?”

The logical thought that often follows is, “I should engage the services of a professional pest control company with extensive experience that truly knows how to find termites.”

You’re not the Termite Expert and you probably don’t know what to look for. But you are the person who will face great financial and emotional costs if you don’t get the problem fixed.

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How do I know the Termite Inspection has been done correctly?

Termite Inspection - Six Check Points

In this guide, we will outline the important points to consider when choosing a company to conduct a termite inspection.

  1. Qualified and Licensed Inspectors
  2. Guidelines: Australian Standards for Termite Inspection & Treatments
  3. What Termite Detection Devices should be used
  4. How long should a Termite Inspection take?
  5. On the Day - Comprehensive Digital Inspection Report
  6. Termite Treatment Proposal - supplied on the day Free:

Qualified and Licensed Inspectors

Check that the company has the appropriate Timber Pest license that is issued by Queensland Health. The Inspector should be able to show you an ID card and produce a PMT license number.

If they are doing an inspection or termite treatment anywhere in Queensland, then they also need a QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission) license. You can check the company’s with this link: QBCC License Check

Guidelines -Australian Standards for Termite Inspection

The inspection should follow the two Australian Standards that pertain to Subterranean Termite Visual Inspection: AS 3660.2.2007 & AS 4349.3.2010. Plus there is the AEMPA’s, Australian Pest Control Association, ‘Code of Practice’.

Visual Inspection: A visual inspection is a critical component of every termite inspection. This is where the Inspector goes around your home ’tapping’ all the exposed timbers and checking thoroughly with his/her eyes. It might look easy, but if done properly, it is the most important component of the ‘Visual’ inspection.

Areas they should check:

  • Inspect the foundation, external walls, posts, decks and attachments for visible signs of termite activity, such as mud tubes, damaged wood, or discarded wings.
  • Check the subfloor, any crawl spaces higher than 400 mm, and the roof void for any evidence of termite activity or damage.
  • Examine exposed timbers inside such as skirting boards, door and window frames.
  • Check the garden and fenceline 50 m from the house.

What Termite Detection Devices should be used

Professional termite inspectors frequently employ cutting-edge technology to improve the accuracy of their assessments. Equipment such as Thermal Imaging Cameras, Termatrac devices, and Moisture Meters play a pivotal role in uncovering concealed termite activity that might remain unnoticed during a conventional visual inspection.

When an inspector arrives without essential tools like a Thermal Camera or Termatrac Device, it’s a clear indication that they may not deliver the most thorough inspection results.

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How long should a Termite Inspection take

Here at Conquer Termites, we schedule two hours to conduct an annual termite inspection.

Time can vary due to the size and difficulty of the house or if we have discovered live termites. Then it will be a proposition of “the time it takes”.

On the Day - Comprehensive Digital Inspection Report

After the inspection, you should receive a detailed report outlining the findings. This report must include:

  • Documentation of any signs of termite activity or damage.

  • Identification of the termite species, if present.

  • Recommendations for treatment(s), if necessary.

  • Preventative measures to protect your property from future infestations.\

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Termite Treatment Proposal - supplied on the day Free

If your property lacks an existing Termite Management System or if termite activity is identified during the inspection, the Inspector must supply you with a Treatment Proposal. This proposal will recommend the most suitable treatment strategy for your home.

If the Inspector doesn’t supply you with this document, then they are not following the guidelines in the Australian Standards. Always ask if the company knows how to quote and do termite treatments.

Book a Pest Company on the Gold Coast you can Trust

Professional termite inspections in Australia are a crucial step in protecting your home from these destructive pests. By hiring a licensed and experienced termite inspection company, you can trust that your property will be thoroughly assessed, and appropriate measures will be taken to safeguard your investment.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Conquer Termites Gold Coast for expert termite inspections and comprehensive protection against termites.

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