Conquers' Digital Report - Outcomes you can understand

An inspection report you can read and understand

Conquer Termites’ approach to termite inspection and treatment is thorough and customer-centric, emphasizing clear communication and comprehensive reporting. Less ‘Insurance’ talk!"

Here’s a summary of our report system:

  1. Innovative Digital Inspection Reports: Conquer Termites was a pioneer in Australia for using digital termite reports, incorporating photos for enhanced clarity and detail. This innovation reflects their commitment to using advanced technology for better customer communication.
  2. Exceeding Australian Standards 3660.2: While adhering to the AS 3660.2 Standards for termite inspections, Conquer Termites goes a step further. They provide detailed 22-page digital reports with photos, offering an extensive view of not just the property but also the garden inspections. This exceeds the basic requirements of the standard, ensuring a more thorough examination.
  3. Detailed Treatment Plans: In addition to the inspection reports, if required, Conquer Termites offers comprehensive Termite Treatment Proposals. These proposals are clearly priced and detailed, ensuring that clients are fully informed about the treatment process and what it entails.

Overall, Conquer Termites’ focus on digital technology, comprehensive reporting, and clear treatment plans demonstrates their dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction in termite management.

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We pride ourselves on delivering quality customer service and support. As a family owned and operated organisation we understand the importance of excellent service and customer care.



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