What Do Termites Look Like?

What does a Termite Look Like?

Ever been pottering around in the garden and stumbled upon tiny white bugs under a piece of old wood, and wondered if they’re termites? Or, even more alarming, have you ever poked a finger through a door frame in your house and discovered creepy crawlies lurking inside?

What do Termites - White Ants look like in Australia?

Termites are indeed fascinating creatures, often hidden from sight. They are small, soft-bodied insects that live in large colonies.

What to do if you think you have found termites?

  1. Don’t Disturb Them: Avoid disturbing the termites. This can cause them to scatter potentially making it harder to eradicate them.
  2. Call a Professional Termite Expert: Professional pest controllers have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to effectively deal with termite problems. They can assess the situation, identify the termite species, and determine the best course of action.
  3. Send us a photo: For clear confirmation with an expert, send us a photo for quick and free identification.

Are they Termites or Black Ants?

A lot of the lime homeowners confused termites with Black Ants. The confusion stems from their uncanny physical similarities.

Both species boast six legs, sport antennae, and live in tight-knit colonies. However, that’s where the similarities end, as they differ substantially in body structure and behaviour.

Termite Life Cycle

Termite appearance can vary slightly depending on their role within the colony. There are three main types of termites in a colony:

  1. Worker Termites: These are the most numerous and are responsible for feeding the colony, building and repairing the nest, and taking care of the young. They are typically about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, cream-colored, and have no wings.
  2. Soldier Termites: Soldiers defend the colony against predators like ants. They are similar in size to workers but can be distinguished by their larger, darker heads and strong mandibles (jaws).
  3. Reproductive Termites: These include the king, queen, and alates (winged termites). The queen is much larger than the other termites and can live for several years, laying thousands of eggs. Alates are the ones you might see during certain times of the year when they swarm to start new colonies.

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