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Best Termite Treatment on the Gold Coast

The most effective termite treatment is one that stops termites, right? But knowing there are no absolutes when protecting a house and that treatments can fail, it’s crucial to weigh all the factors before you decide on a company to handle your termite situation.

The Five Vital Considerations When Choosing Termite Treatment

  1. Effectiveness: It must halt termite activity.
  2. Safety: It should be safe for you and the environment.
  3. Durability: Consider how long the treatment will last.
  4. Cost: Keep in mind that cheaper will not be better.
  5. Workmanship: Will the treatment company leave your home in a tidy condition?

Types of Termite Management Systems

  1. Chemical Treatment (some companies call this a termite barrier)
  2. Baiting Systems
  3. Physical (Installed during construction)

Horses for Courses - a tailored approach

The choice between chemical and non-chemical termite management should be tailored to your home’s construction and unique circumstances.

At Conquer Termites, we maintain our independence from chemical companies and receive no incentives. We recommend only what we genuinely believe is best for your home.

Recommended Chemical for Termite Treatments

Our preferred go-to chemical is Termidor HE, manufactured by BASF.

Termidor stands out as a non-repellent transfer product with a remarkable lifespan of up to eight years. The ingenious concept lies in termites’ inability to detect Termidor in the treated soil. They unwittingly transport it back to their nest, ultimately annihilating the colony.

The latest formulation of Termidor HE boasts superior dispersion properties, penetrating wider and deeper into the soil while forming a robust bond with soil particles, preventing leaching. It also allows us to drill wider apart in tiled areas.

Notably, the active ingredient in Termidor, Fipronil, is employed in pet care products such as Frontline for flea and tick control. What pet owners apply directly to their furry companions, we strategically apply to the soil around your home’s perimeter.

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Conquer Termites is an Accredited Termidor Applicator

An added assurance is that Termidor HE is produced by BASF, a prominent chemical corporation with a strong commitment to quality and operations in Australia. They offer accreditation courses to ensure the proper application of their product.

Rest easy, knowing that all Conquer Termites Technicians are fully licensed and BASF accredited, delivering the highest standard of care.

More information:

For a more in-depth understanding of Termidor HE, you can explore this informative link: BASF Termidor HE

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