Devices Used To Detect Termites

Termite Detection Tools we use

For spotting termites, our main tools are just looking and listening. It’s not just about tapping around with a golf stick - you’ve got to notice if wood sounds hollow (maybe termites?) or if there’s weird brown spots (termite mudding?).

To transform our inspectors into Termite Detection Superheroes, they’re all equipped with and use:

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Motion Detectors
  • Moisture Meters

Thermal Camera

Thermal Imaging is essential for finding termites in your home. It detects temperature differences, indicating termite activity to skilled inspectors. Our FLIR cameras spot these changes with high precision.

At Conquer Termites, we’re all about using top tech for thorough inspections. That’s why our inspectors all carry a FLIR Thermal Imaging camera. With us, you’re getting an expert inspector armed with a camera that can help reveal what’s going on in your home.

Termatrac T3i - Motion Detection Device

The Termatrac T3i is like the Swiss Army knife for finding termites. It’s got radar, thermal, and moisture sensors all in one gadget.

The Termatrac T3i is all about detecting motion - termite motion, that is. Think of it as a high-tech bug detector. Using its radar technology, it can sense even the tiniest movements of termites through walls, floors, you name it.

No need to tear anything apart; just point it where you suspect these critters might be hiding, and it tells you if there’s something moving. It’s a handy tool for anyone trying to catch those sneaky termites without the mess.

Moisture Meter - Termite Detection

A Moisture Meter is another essential gadget for pest inspections. Just like its name implies, it measures how much moisture is in the walls. Termites love moist and humid spots, so a higher-than-normal moisture level in your walls could mean they’re around. Plus, termites leave behind a damp trail as they munch through materials.

That’s why, at Conquer Termites Gold Coast, we always use both a Thermal Camerar and a moisture meter in every inspection. These tools help us spot termite hangouts more effectively.

How we use these Termite Detection Devices

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