Best Termite Inspection on the Gold Coast

Best Termite Inspection on the Gold Coast

Discovering potential termite presence in your home can be deeply unnerving. As intimidating as it may be, choosing a trustworthy Gold Coast Pest Company shouldn’t add to your worries.

Your primary concern? “Can I place my trust in them and will I receive genuine advice?” Being unfamiliar with termites can leave you unsure about the right questions to pose and factors to weigh.

Price might seem like the easiest parameter to rely on, but there’s so much more to consider.

Top 5 Criteria for Selecting the Best Termite Company on the Gold Coast

To assist you, here’s a checklist of crucial questions to pose when reaching out to Gold Coast-based companies.

Pick at least three that resonate most with you:

  1. Is the company genuinely local to the Gold Coast? (Avoid call centres from Sydney or Melbourne).
  2. What’s their business tenure and team size?
  3. How do their Google Reviews fare?
  4. Do they hold a Queensland Health Timber Pest license?
  5. Are they licensed under the QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission)?

More Points to Ponder

  • Is the company insured, and to what extent?
  • Do all technicians utilize Thermal Cameras and Termatrac Motion Detection tools?
  • Does the inspection cover getting into the roof and the subfloor areas?
  • What’s the duration of a typical termite inspection?
  • Will I receive a digital report on the same day?
  • Can they offer a treatment proposal and execute it?
  • Do they possess accreditations from the chemical manufacturers they use?

The initial phone interaction and the level of assistance can be as telling as the aforementioned factors.

Consumer Alert: Termite Inspection Scams

  • Imitations: Beware of companies lacking a QBCC license. Many may seem local online but are operated from distant call centres. In Queensland, possessing a QBCC license is non-negotiable. Without it, they can’t be insured and shouldn’t advertise termite-related services.

  • Misleading Free Offers: Some might tempt you with a “free termite check,” pushing for an overpriced baiting system. They aren’t qualified, and you’d typically have to sign a waiver, indicating it’s just a ‘check’, not a comprehensive inspection.

How much is a Termite Inspection on the Gold Coast?

The question of “How much?” is inevitable. With limited knowledge about termites, it’s crucial to ensure you’re comparing similar offerings. Unfortunately, there’s a vast difference in proficiency and approach across the sector.

On the Gold Coast, a standard termite inspection for an average-sized house ranges from $280 to $330.

How is a Proper Termite Inspection done?

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