How much does a Pest Inspection cost on the Gold Coast?

How much does a Termite Inspection cost on the Gold Coast?

Discovering termites in your home can be daunting, and you might be asking yourself – who do I contact and how much will it set me back?

Termite Inspection Cost on the Gold Coast

A good quality termite inspection in Brisbane for an average-sized house typically costs around $330.

Price Matters:

If you’re not well-acquainted with termites or have never worked with a pest control expert before, it is likely your first question will be “How much”? However, it’s crucial to ensure you’re comparing similar services when picking a company for your termite inspection. The sad reality is that the standard of service can vary widely and this is normally reflected in price.

What should be included in a proper Termite Inspection

This should include the following:

  • The Inspector should be fully licensed, insured and have a QBCC license
  • Utilization of devices such as thermal cameras, moisture meters, and termatrac motion detectors.
  • Examination of the garden, fenceline, perimeter of the house, subfloor, internal exposed timbers, and the roof cavity.
  • A digital report delivered on the same day, alongside a treatment proposal.
  • An inspection duration ranges between one (minimum) to two hours.

How a Termite Inspection should be done

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Consumer Warning about Termite Inspections

  • Fake companies - no QBCC license

Some companies might give the impression of being local, but they might operate from distant interstate call centres without the requisite Queensland licenses.

For legitimate operation in Queensland, companies must possess a QBCC license. Without it, these are essentially subcontractors who might not have proper insurance and shouldn’t advertise termite-related services.

  • Free check offers - but not licensed

Some entities lure customers with a “free termite check” but then propose dubious and overpriced baiting systems. Often, these operators lack appropriate licensing and might ask you to sign waivers, sidestepping Australian Standards.

Must-Ask Questions before booking an inspection

To help you, we would like to give you a checklist of questions you should ask when calling companies in Brisbane, Australia. You don’t need to ask them all - choose your best three:

  • Do they have a Queensland Health Timber Pest license?
  • Does the company have a QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission) license?
  • Is the company insurance, and how much does it cover?
  • Do all the technicians carry and use Thermal Cameras and Termatrac Motion Detection devices?
  • Do they inspect the roof and all of the subfloor (space under the floor)?
  • How many hours do they assign to do a termite inspection?
  • Do I get a digital report on the day?
  • Can they supply a treatment proposal and do the work?
  • Are they accredited through the chemical company to apply the product?
  • Where is their office located?
  • How long has the business been operating and is it family-owned?

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