Consumer Warnings - Termite Companies on the Gold Coast

Consumer Warnings - Things you should know

Your consumer warning highlights two important issues that homeowners in Queensland should be aware of when seeking termite inspection services:

Are they really local?

  1. Misrepresentation: Some companies may misrepresent themselves as local businesses, whereas they operate from distant interstate call centres.

Fake Companies Without QBCC License:

  • Licensing Requirement: For legitimate operations in Queensland, it’s essential for companies to have a QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) license.
  • Risks of Unlicensed Operators: Companies operating without a QBCC license often function as subcontractors. They may lack proper insurance and are not supposed to advertise termite-related services, posing a risk to consumers.

Free Check Offers by Unlicensed Operators:

  • Deceptive Promotions: Some businesses offer “free termite checks” as a way to attract customers.
  • Dubious Practices and Overpricing: After conducting these checks, they may propose overpriced and dubious baiting systems.
  • Lack of Licensing and Standards: Often, these operators do not possess the appropriate licensing. They might also request clients to sign waivers, which effectively bypasses the protections and standards set by Australian regulations.

It’s crucial for homeowners to be vigilant against such practices. Ensuring that the service provider is properly licensed and adheres to Australian Standards is key to receiving reliable and safe termite control services.

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