Difference between Termites and White Ants?

The difference between Termites & White Ants - NOTHING!

Embrace the Australian Vernacular

In Australia, we’ve always had a knack for calling things exactly as we see them. Once upon a time, when we laid our eyes on these tiny, communal-dwelling creatures that bore a striking resemblance to ants, we dubbed them “White Ants.” It seemed like a logical name at the time.

Are white ants the same as termites?

But here’s the twist: Termites, affectionately referred to as “White Ants” Down Under, are not ants by any stretch of the imagination. The confusion stems from their uncanny physical similarities. Both species boast six legs, sport antennae, and live in tight-knit colonies. However, that’s where the similarities end, as they differ substantially in body structure and behaviour.

Difference Between Termites & Black Ants

Let’s Dive into the Science

From a scientific perspective, Termites belong to the cockroach family, specifically the sub-order of Blattodea, whereas Ants are part of the wasp family, known as the Order Hymenoptera. Termites lack the segmented bodies that are characteristic of ants.

The Fundamental Distinction

In a nutshell: Black ants might raid your kitchen and nibble on the food you’ve left out, but Termites, often dubbed “White Ants,” have a more destructive appetite—they’ll feast on your very home!

Black Ants don’t keep Termites away!

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