How Long Does A Termite Inspection Take?

How long should a Termite Inspection take?

Here at Conquer Termites, we schedule two hours to conduct an annual termite inspection.

Time can vary due to the size and difficulty of the house or if we have discovered live termites. Then it will be a proposition of “the time it takes”.

How often should I get a Termite Inspection done?

Make sure to get your home checked for termites at least once a year, following the Australian Standards 3660.2.

Consider more often If your house is older, built a certain way, or close to woods, you might need more frequent inspections.

Current chemical treatment? Without a chemical barrier around your home, termites can sneak in easily. Regular inspections are key for early detection and prevention, just like regular dental check-ups, especially if you don’t have any termite treatment.

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