Termites in the Garden - They are always there!

Termites are relentless in their search for food

Almost every garden on the Gold Coast is a playground for termites, or as some call them, white ants. It’s like they’re having a party underground – on average, there are about six different termite colonies doing their thing near any house at any time.

But here’s the catch – you hardly ever spot them. These little critters are master hiders, travelling through subterranean tunnels they’ve made under the ground, usually just a foot below where we walk.

Think about it: our homes are like massive tree houses to these termites, a dream come true for their munchies. With the average Aussie home built with over 14 cubic square meters of yummy soft plantation timber, it’s no wonder they’re tempted. So, while we’re chilling above ground, there’s a whole world of termite action happening right beneath us!"

Signs of Termites in your garden?

Knowing that pretty much every house on the Gold Coast will have a Termite nest near them. You need to be on the lookout for any signs of termite activity.

Signs of Termites in your garden:

  1. Termite workings on your fence or retaining wall
  2. Arboreal Termite nest in a tree
  3. Termite mound nest
  4. Termites under loose timbers in the garden

Treat all Termite activity in your garden

That’s a common misconception indeed! It’s often believed that if you spot termites in your garden, it’s best to leave them be, thinking they’ll stay put. But that’s not the best approach.

Don’t let them grow in number!

In reality, ignoring termites in your garden is like rolling out a welcome mat for them to your home. When you leave a termite colony undisturbed, it doesn’t just hang around harmlessly; it grows and becomes stronger. As the colony expands, so does its need for food, and what’s a bigger, more tempting source of food than your house?

Do three things:

  1. Remove conducive conditions: Grind out that tree stump, remove loose timbers and reduce moisture
  2. Treat Live Termites: Get Conquer Termites to apply a controlling agent to any area where live termites were found
  3. Baiting System: An in-ground termite baiting system is a good way to intercept foraging termites in your garden

Termite Treatment for Trees and Stumps on the Gold Coast

Treating Termites in Tree Trunks: If termites infest a tree, our skilled Technicians will drill into the trunk to locate hollow areas potentially housing termites. Using a borescope for visual confirmation, once termites are detected, we inject a safe, non-repellent transfer chemical (Termidor) directly into the tree. This treatment not only eradicates termites but also benefits the tree’s health by halting internal damage. We ensure to seal all drill holes with plugs or sealant for a neat finish.

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Handling Termite-Infested Tree Stumps: The ideal approach is to prevent termite infestation in tree stumps by removing them entirely. If you’ve recently had a tree cut down, we recommend having the stump ground out promptly. For stumps already hosting termites or nests, our Technicians can treat them using Termidor before stump removal. This ensures complete termite eradication from your property.

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